Monday, January 24, 2011


Daily Nugget:

I will become even more undignified... 2 Samuel 6:22


I can not fathom, a king, barely dressed, dancing before the Lord.  What would have caused David to do such a thing.  His wife rebuked him, yet his reply was... I will become even more undignified!!!  

Over the past few weeks, my prayer has been that God would take me to a place I have never been before.  That the words that come from my mouth would be sweet before Him.  That my praise and adoration would be a perfumed aroma before His throne.

I have listened to worship songs and hymns.  Yet, I have realized.... I have sung those words without truly meaning what I was singing so often.  I grew up singing hymns, I love hymns!  I sang over and over... "all to Jesus, I surrender", but really didn't.  What about "where He leads me I will follow"?  So often I didn't listen to His leading and I surely didn't follow.  

David had to strip down out of his royal attire in order to put on a "ephod"  just a white linen dress.  He did this with total abandon to the God Almighty who had given Him everything.  David cast aside everything of this world that was His to fully worship God.  Undignified... YES!

So what about us... what about our new songs we sing... "nothing compares to the promise I have in You"  do we live this out daily.  Is nothing more important than Him?  Or how about 'here I am to worship, here I am to bow down"... how often have we sung this without bowing down?  Oh I couldn't do that in my Sunday dress, or with my coat and tie!  That would be.... undignified?  God forgive us for allowing our worship to just become something we "do" and not something we "feel".  

May we step out of our comfort zone, forget about what those around us are thinking (or might think) and worship God with reckless abandon!  Worship Him undignified!  Worship Him because of all that He has done for us.  I want to be a passionate worshiper.  I want to throw off my clothes - the things of the world that hold me back, and put on my white linen dress and make a fool of myself in the eyes of the world!  I am desperate for God to move me into a new place... I will become undignified if that is what I need to do!


Lord, may my praise and worship and adoration be totally undignified before the world.  May my passion for You give way for me to be completely free to dance before You.  May my praise be sincere and a sweet aroma before You!


  1. Reckless abandon... I love it! I'm so grateful for our digital friendships that continually push me closer to my Creator.

    LOVED this post!

  2. I am grateful as well! I love your writing! It encourages me every time!