Friday, January 7, 2011

Stand Firm

Daily Nugget:

Do not be afraid.  Stand firm and you will see the deliverance the Lord will bring you today... The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still.  Genesis 14: 13a, 14

Whew!  Today's reading was long!  Moses - his birth, his calling, his obedience.  Pharaoh and his hard heart.  Plagues... death.. deliverance!!!  God's story is amazing!  His plan and His purpose beyond our wildest dreams and imagination!!!  What a wonderful ride today's reading was!!!  (I think the 10 plagues would make a great Disney ride!)

Many things spoke to my heart today.  Moses believed God, met with Him face to face, but still tried to find a "way out"... using his imperfections as an excuse.  Wow.  That once again brought me to my knees.  I know that God has spoken to me in the past about a ministry or something HE was calling me to do... my answer:  But......  Why do we have so little faith in ourselves when God sees that we are so much more than that?  Lord God, God of Abraham Isaac, and Jacob, may I never try to get "out" of doing what You call me to do, just because I do not see myself as "able".

The scripture I used for my daily nugget was one of the major things that I took from today's reading.  Right now, there are situations, some small and "sort of" insignificant, some huge that can change our families direction that I need to see God's deliverance in.  But what am I doing?  Running around, worrying, stressing, whining, feeling sorry for myself and that's a good day!  So THANK YOU for the scripture reading today God, because I needed this HUGE reminder. 

I need to be still.  God has told us not to be afraid.  Even when a vast army (really big problem) is chasing us... He says to not be afraid.  To stand firm and SEE the deliverance.  Gosh, if I'm running around like a "crazy woman" will I miss the deliverance and the awesomeness of how it is accomplished! 

Why do I so easily forget that the LORD will fight for me.  I don' have to battle peoples opinions.  I do not have to struggle to see beyond my right now (although we are called to action and God did give us common sense for our own good).  There are so many things I need to STOP doing and just be still.

Be still and watch.  Be still and pray.  Be still and believe.  Be still and KNOW that HIS promises are to me, in my time of need.  If I'm not still, I might just miss the deliverance!!!

My friend, what do you need to be delivered from?  God has heard your cries, your please to Him.  Do not be afraid.  Stand firm and YOU WILL see the deliverance of the Lord!!!

Lord God, Thank you for reminding me that You always take care of me.  I thank you for the precious deliverance you have already provided to me, by my salvation.  Help me Holy One, to be still and watch and see what YOU are going to do.  Amen


  1. Thanks for linking up at Graceful Abandon! Hope to see you again :) Enjoyed your insights today; be blessed.

  2. One of the things the Lord has been telling me during my current circumstances is, "Do not strive." I can see by your post that He is sharing that same message with you :)

    I find it sooo easy to agree with GOD's command to Be Still, but in the flesh, it's a frequent struggle and not something I can accomplish without the Holy Spirit's help.

    LiC - kim