Thursday, April 29, 2010

Do you have those times...

in your life when it seems that everything falls apart?  That regardless of what you do for the Lord, your family, your church... it is never enough or makes a real difference?  That's where I have been the past few days.

But anyone who knows me well also know that music is my "word"... music is what can change my situation quicker than anything else.  I love Christian music, especially worship music.  I've always loved music.

Anyway... a few nights ago, I was particularly down.  We had been informed of some upcoming changes with some of our dearest friends... changes that would carry into our church... and even our family because we love them so.  I was so defeated... I felt alone and broken and confused.  I was in tears when I clicked on KLOVE (my favorite online site for music) this song came on: 

My load was lifted.  Not gone, but such a reminder that God is right there with me.  That I am never alone in my burden.  That when my "everything" falls apart, it's just a season... but a season in which if I watch and allow Him to be... my God is strong and mighty!  I just have to keep holding on! 

Praise God for He is to always be praised!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Maundy Thursday

Tonight we our family attended the Maundy Thursday service of a local church.  Two years ago the pastor there introduced me to the Maundy Thursday services.  I had never been a part of them before, especially not in the pentecostal church.  I have to say that this Pastor is one of a kind... draws from so many aspects of church history and service types and melds them into his services.

Anyway.... once again this year, I was touched and moved so very deeply.  Thinking of our Risen King, being a servant just hours before the longest, darkest period of his life... humbles me so much. 

In this particular church, during the services, we still participate in a very lost, and misunderstood tradition of "foot washing".  It was just three years ago when I experience this for the first time.  I was not prepared for the waves of emotion that flooded me as women, whom I respect and love as mentor's... knelt beside me and washed MY feet.  The prayers they prayed touched my deepest needs and that place of longing to be truly a part of these amazing women.  Tonight was no different.  And to add to this wonderful, humbling, time.... my 3 year old, wanted her "feet washed" as well.  I couldn't tell where my tears ended and the bath of water began... and the prayers these wonderful women of God prayed over my daughter, this young tender little girl... well I have a great hope that our big and awesome God heard them all!

As we move into Friday.... and Saturday, with all the hustle and bustle of preparing for kids egg hunts, and family coming for lunch, and grocery shopping, etc....  I am determined to keep my focus on the Via Dolorosa... the way of suffering my Jesus walked.  I will remember pain and suffering He withstood as soldiers mocked Him, beat Him, humiliated Him.   I will remember the sorrow His mother felt.  I will remember the pain of what she had always known would come to pass, now unfolding in front of her. I will remember the unfathomable feeling of abandonment... my Jesus felt as His Father, turned His face away.  I will keep my focus on all that Jesus did for me.  All He endured... for just me... as if there was no one else who needed it but me. 

And Sunday... as all of my children are dressed in their new shoes and new clothes... I will focus... on the new body, the risen and transformed body, that Jesus now has.  I will remember the joy of the women who found the tomb empty.  I will remember the victory that is available to me and my life, because my Wonderful, Beautiful, Precious Jesus, ascended to hell and took hold of the keys.  I will remember as we sing of MY REDEEMER.... that Jesus sits at the right hand of His Father.  I will rejoice that the Sacrificial Lamb... is alive and waiting for me.  I will Sing The Wondrous Story.... of the King of Kings, and Lord of Lords. 

I will focus my life, my will, my desires, my entire being... to be more and more like my Lord, every day.  I will love people, to look past their sin and disease, and love them where they are.  I will do all I can do to "see" them as "Jesus" see's them... with compassion.  And I will work daily, to live a humble life, as a servant to all.  May I serve others in everyday, ordinary ways.... as I SERVE MY KING.

There is strength in the name of the Lord, there is power in the name of the Lord, there is hope in the name of the Lord..... blessed is he who comes, in the name of the LORD.