Monday, November 3, 2014

Worship is War

I ran across this today... and I totally agree.  Worship is truly a lot of different things.

But I can honestly say that there are days, when time in worship - with great music and my "sword" (Word of God) I go to war.

Worship is a way to wage war over the things that try to steal our heart and our relationship and security in God.  It is a way to fight depression, sadness, anger, hurt, sorrow, fear, and so much more.  It is what clears my head and gives me strength to keep fighting.

Worship is also peace, safety, His embrace, rest, quiet, joy... and the list goes on and on.  Worship is many things, at many different times.

Worship also, should only be given to the One and Only God of the Universe.  Nothing, and I mean NOTHING is worthy of worship, except God. (Father, Son and Holy Spirit)

How do you worship?  What motivates your worship?  I really want to know.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

November Days of Thanksgiving

Day 1

I am thankful for God's grace and mercy.  That He loves me at all time, on my highest mountains and my lowest valleys.  I am so thankful for His love that never let's go.

Day 2

I am thankful for LifeChurch Birmingham.  I am thankful for the people I "do" life with, because they share in my burden and I share in theirs.  Church people are not perfect, but they are real, and I am blessed by those I share my time with.

Day 3

Coffee - yes, I am truly thankful for coffee!  I love it on cool mornings, when I soak into the Word of God.  I love it when I cuddle on the couch with my kids for movies.  I love it early in the morning and late at night... coffee makes me happy!  I am thankful for many simple things in life - simply because God allows me to have another moment in this life.

Day 4

Thankful for my parents.  They  are truly amazing people.  We haven't always seen eye to eye and still don't, but they have always been there for me.  I do not know what I would do without them.  

Day 5

I'm thankful for the storms in life.  Because it is in the storms that come, that I realize how Great my God is.  I seek Him a little harder, I learn to trust Him a little more.  I find what real peace is all about, when the storms come.  

Day 6

I am thankful for friends who pour into my life with grace and truth.  They love me as I am, but they also do not mind sharing when I am wrong, or giving me insight I need.  True friendship is very hard to find. I cherish these people in my life.

Day 7

I am thankful for having a home to live in.  It provides warmth to my family, shelter out of the rain, and hopefully it has provided memories that will last.  My home is decreasing in the number of people who live there, but I am thankful for all the joyful memories.  May God grant me the time to make more.

Day 8

I am thankful for the heart of my children.  For their compassion and love for others.  I am thankful that they pray for people and it reaches heaven.  Their spirit is beautiful to me.

Day 9

Thankful for worship - for songs, and hymns and spiritual songs.  Worship is dear and close to my heart.  I am thankful for the presence of God who meets me every time I enter into worship!  

Day 10

Thankful for Godly women who pour into my life and into the lives of my daughters.

Day 11

I am thankful for the men who pour into my sons through Royal Rangers as well as Youth Pastor.  They are good men, who love the Lord, and are making my sons stronger men as they mature.

Day 12

I am thankful for creativity.  

Day 13

Creation in the Fall is at it's most majestic time.  The colors of the season are painted with such love and tenderness from the Father.  As the leaves fall, and the trees wither - they prepare to sleep in preparation for the new birth of spring!!

Day 14

I am thankful for the people I have in my Life Groups (small groups) and how we walk through life together.  It's good to know that there are good people, who surround you when you need a shoulder to rely on.  And it is good to be able to give back to those same people when they are in need!

Day 15

Thankful for my husband and the love he gives to our entire family.

Day 16

Thankful for the heritage of a strong family.  I am thankful for the aunts and uncles, cousins and all that make up our craziness!  Thankful that many of them also share my love for Jesus!  

Day 17

Thankful for the memories of Thanksgiving's past, and for the memories of those no longer with us this year.  

Day 18

Today I am thankful for God's goodness to change hearts.  Sometimes it is hard, to allow the change to happen, but it is always worth it!

Day 19

Thankful for my grand babies.  I pray that God will cover them with His blessings always.

Day 20

I love Jesus - he is my everything!

Day 21

I am thankful for my husband, and his unconditional love for me.  We have been through so much - both good and bad, God is gracious.

Day 22

Peace, peace, wonderful peace.... coming down from the Savior above....

Day 23

Unexpected blessings - just when you need them.

Day 24

For those in my life who persuade me to strive further and reach higher, especially with my relationship with the Lord.

Day 25

I am just thankful.... my heart is full.

Day 26