Thursday, December 25, 2014

Books of 2014

Here is a list of books I have read this year.  I recommend every one!

Things Pondered - Beth Moore

Further Still - Beth Moore

A Heart Like His - Intimate Reflections on the Life of David - Beth Moore

Kingdom Woman: Embracing Your Purpose, Power, and Possibilities  - Tony Evans

Amazing Faith - Choco De Jesus

In the Gap - Choco De Jesus

Bad Girls of the Bible and What We Can Learn From Them - Liz Curtis Higgs

Praying for Boys: Asking God For The Things They Need Most - Brooke McLaughlin

The Damascus Way (Acts of Faith) - Janette Okes

Revealing Jesus - A 365 Day Devotional - Darlene Zschech

Jesus Calling - Sarah Young

The Bible

Suggestions for next year?

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

In the waiting...

Waiting is not easy.

Waiting for something you KNOW is to come is very hard.

Waiting for something you want more than anything, but have never been promised, is almost impossible.  But for Elizabeth and Zechariah - waiting became their miracle.  Though disappointed and quietly suffering, Elizabeth held onto the promise that SHE was God's child, all while waiting, praying and listening.

Elizabeth was old, way beyond her years of bearing children, but she desperately wanted a child.  She prayed and prayed for God to answer her deepest desire.  She had waited for years - and still no child.  Can you imagine the whispers and the looks she received from the local women?  Bearing a child, especially a son was of the utmost importance.  Being barren was to be almost worthless.  Elizabeth carried that burden for many years, yet she prayed - she waited - she hoped.

Zechariah was an important man, he was a priest.  He held a place of honor that very few held.  He was of a honored line of priests.  Yet he had no son to carry on his lineage.  But he served, he prayed, he was faithful to God in all things.  Many years past the age of normal fathers, his time came to serve in the holiest of places.  He was to burn incense in the house of God.  He had no idea, what was in store for him, yet he honored God in all things.

You can read the whole story in Luke, chapter 1.  But God provided the impossible for this couple who served Him.  He provided a son.  God didn't wait too long, He didn't make them wait for no reason.  His plan was perfect - they would be the parents to the baby who would one day "proclaim and make ready" the people for the Messiah.  God knew that an angel would appear to a young woman, not even married - just beginning her life, and she would become the mother of the One who would save mankind.  His timing is perfect.

The God chose Elizabeth- a woman with an unproven womb, an older woman for a purpose.  God chose Mary - a young virgin girl, only engaged to be married, for a purpose.  He wanted to display His might, His authority and His power.  He wanted to do, what only God could do, so that everyone would know that He was the Author of Life.  With Him, nothing was impossible.

I know what waiting is.  I know what waiting without a promise to hold onto is.  I know what it is like to pray and pray, and not see any fruits from those prayers - but I also know that it is "MY" time table I rely on, not God's.  His timing is perfect.

If you are waiting - take courage my friend.  Pray and listen in the waiting.  Just as these women carried life inside their womb for 9 months.... they birthed a promise.  God is faithful and He knows when the time is right - to fulfill His plans for us.  Be faithful in the waiting... God is going to birth something amazing!