Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Must See!

We were blessed to be able to attend a screening for this film on Tuesday night.

It is an incredible film. I strongly encourage you to go to this movie and take anyone you know, especially anyone whose marriage is struggling.

The message is clear!

Peace, Wonderful Peace...

Sunday's service was yet another day of praise and sacrifice to the Lord God. We were met with such a sweet presence of the Holy Spirit and I am so very thankful. God is truly beginning a work in our little congregation. Thank you Lord!

We opened our morning service with the old hymn Joy Unspeakable (Barney Warren). Everyone (especially my older folks) really seemed to enjoy this one.

After our opening Psalm and words from the pastor we sang Blessed Be The Lord God, Almighty (Bib Fitts), then into To The Only God (Chris Tomlin) and ended the first set with As The Deer (Martin Nystrom) which is one of my favorite songs. For me, As The Deer is so peaceful, I even sang it to my babies as a lullaby. It is one of the few songs that can settle my soul when life is crashing around me.

After our OT and NT readings, we sang another great hymn Wonderful Peace and ended music portion of our worship with Cares Chorus (Kelly Willard).

Our pastor shared a great message with us about finding rest in God. I am so thankful for our pastor who shares his heart and who listens to God's move and leading.

I love meeting with God, and going away refreshed!