Thursday, January 13, 2011


Daily Nugget:

Now the people complained about their hardships in the hearing of the Lord, and when He heard them His anger was aroused.  Numbers 11:1

Day 11 of 90 - What a wonderful day of reading!  I can say one thing about the Israelites so far... they are consistent.  Consistently complaining!  They complained about everything too.  Nothing satisfied them.

They were hungry, God sent them quail.  They challenged Moses, God opened up the ground and swallowed some, brought disease on some, burned up some, provided water from a rock...and yet they still complained! 

They had only been on their journey 3 days when they began to grumble and complain because their circumstances were not ideal.  Wow.... how often have I been just like the Isrealites.  God has always been so faithful to me, never failing, yet because I don't have a new car, or the house I desire, or the amount in the bank I wish... I complain that He hasn't done enough!  I am so thankful that He has chosen not to consume me with fire... (yet).

The Isrealites quickly forgot their deliverance from slavery and God's mighty action on their behalf.  They would not trust God and commit their lives and future to Him.  This only brought them more misery in God's anger and judgment.

The Isrealites complained that they wanted meat.  They were not satisfied with what God had already provided, so He answered their cries of complaining.  He sent them quail.  Not just a few quail, but more than they ever wanted, for 3o days.  So much quail it made them sick!  The scripture said - enough until it comes out of your nostrils.  I would say that was a lot of quail.  God was angry because they rejected what He had already provided, they wanted MORE.

The people complained like spoiled kids who wanted their own way.  Got let them have what they wanted, but with it sent a wasting disease.  We as God's children need to realize it is dangerous to insist on our way and desires, rather than humbly submit to God's way and be grateful for His provisions.  To reject God's way of dealing with us is equivalent to unbelief and rebellion.... which brings judgement.

I can't help but hear that old country song... "I Thank God For Unanswered Prayers"... because in our selfishness we ask God for things that are not good for us.  Things we do not need.  I know I am thankful that His answer has been NO more than a few times. 

May we learn to be "happy" where we are.  Knowing what God has given us is for OUR good.  He has supplied our needs, not always our wants, but He gives GOOD things to His children. 

Father God, I am sorry for times I have complained.  You have given me so many things, and I am thankful.  Show me how to be content in all things and never grumble and complain.  You are ,y God and You supply all my needs according to Your purpose for me!  Thank you precious Father!


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