Monday, August 18, 2008

I am so blessed...

This past week I attended part of our denominations international assembly. My sweet 14 YO was competing in the talent portion of our youth. She did great by the way. I was very proud!

Anyway... one day while we were there the missionaries and representatives from around the world had booths set up for everyone to learn more about their country. Some sold items from their country, some just had video and pictures from their area. I have to admit missions has never been my "thing". But my heart was to touched and saddened all at the same time. I saw how poor so many were, churches literally made of mud and straw, but filled with people worshiping the Most High! Wow. It was amazing to see how much these missionaries were doing with so little.

But as I said, my heart was heavy for America, for our churches. We are so spoiled. I mean we have SO much and are doing SO little. I know it's ok to have a nice church and all the "things" to go with it, but are we changing lives? Are we really making a difference? Are we inviting the down and out, those with ruined lives who are less "perfect" than our nice churches really want? Not really, not most of us, if we were really honest.

I lead praise and worship at our church. I see people just going through the motions. I see people reading, and even sleeping all through the service. When did we stop worshiping? When did we stop expecting God to be there? When did we forget we are going INTO His presence? He is there, we just have to meet Him.

Lord, please do not let me slumber. Shake me, wake me, stir me... Lord whatever it takes I want to go deeper with You. I want to be changed and never return to the old me. I'm so thankful for what You have already done in my life, but I know that is not it for me. Shower me wth Your presence, make me more like You. Help me to love like You. Help me to never take forgranted Your blessings in my life.