Saturday, January 22, 2011

Give Me

Daily Nugget: appoint a king to lead us, such as all the other nations have.  1 Samuel 8:5b

Once again Israel complained.  Up to now, they have a great track record, don't they?  Ahhh...  Can't you just hear them saying "give me this", "give me that", "give me a king"!

God although you have done EVERYTHING for us when we called out, You are not enough.  We want to be like everyone else and have a king.  Can you imagine the rejection God, Creator of the World felt?  His chosen children, wanting something "more" because they were not satisfied in following Him.

God's plan was not for Israel to have a king, He was their King.  He was all they ever needed.  I believe this is a time that God allowed His permissive will to be done.  It wasn't His perfect plan, but He gave them what they wanted.  He heard their cries and gave them what they asked for.  His heart was grieved.

How often in our lives have we given up the perfection of God's will because we just would listen or love Him enough?  He allowed us to "have" what we wanted, although it wasn't HIS best.  I can recall a few times in my life (more than I want to admit really).

I am blessed and God has brought great things out of my stupid choices for my life, but I often wonder, if I had just listened, where would I be?  We must seek God's will and be patient while He brings us an answer.  If we aren't, if we get sight of what someone else is doing and want that.... He might just allow it.  We must love Him enough to listen!    Nothing on this earth will give us God's peace in our life, except for following Him.

I'm sorry Lord, for all the times I've had it "my way" instead of listening to You.  I love my life and am a blessed child of God!  But sometimes, I just can't help but think... what if I had done it all Your way?  May the remaining days of my life be spent listening to You and following your perfect will for my life.  I love You!

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