Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I appologize...

for not coming back with Song of Solomon.  There have been some happenings in our family that have taken my attention.  Not anything terrible.... but I needed to give my undivided attention to family.

I've been having a lot of one on One conversations lately with the Lord.  You see, our oldest son will be leaving in 2 days for Afghanistan.  I seems some of the orders have changed and that the mission will be a bit more dangerous than we had first believed.  I will honestly say, I have spent a lot of hours praying for God's peace for our family.

I know that God is able to protect our son.  I also know that my son needs to see that God is his refuge and source of strength.  He needs a personal relationship that he has never had and that is my first prayer.  I pray for his protection, but am keenly aware that the enemy of this world has his hand in play in all this, and that something "could" happen.  I am not one to go blindly into the future without realizing all the possibilities. 

I've prayed that my husband will have peace.   I know this has been so hard on him.  He has spent to much energy trying to teach our son the right things.... and watching him make mistakes is and has been tough.  I have had some deep talks with the Lord about shielding my husband through this time too.

And our son leaves behind 6 brothers and sisters... of all ages.  My heart is heavy for those who are old enough to know what is going on, where he is going, the possibilities... I know they worry.  For the little ones who really don't understand... .I have prayed for God to protect and encourage their hearts and emotions.  Regardless of when our son comes home, he will be different.  Everyone that we know who has any military experience said to prepare for that.  That he will never be the "brother and son" that he was once.  So... I pray for wisdom for all of us, to love him, and care for him, however he returns to us.

I am not from a military family... .have no military friends per say... .so this is all very new to me.  The only source I know to hold onto, to give my grief and anguish too, to totally depend on is Jesus!  My Savior, my Redeemer...

I will return soon with a new study or thought... but for now.... lift us up in your prayers.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

A quick thought...

My week has been busier than I anticipated.  I'll be back to Song of Solomon on Monday. 

I spent today doing yard work with my oldest daughter and her sweetheart.  My husband has a really bad back, so it has become my job to help keep things mowed and cared for.  I will be honest.... I have never, ever mowed my own yard.  Even growing up my brother or my dad always did the yard work.  Honestly, I've always been scared to mow.  Guess it's crazy, but I never thought I could really do it.  But things happen, situations change.... and you find yourself needing to broaden your scope of ability.  I didn't want to do it, I hate to sweat, I hate dirt, I'm south a prissy southern girl over all! :)

But today, I got out there, hair in a bandanna, old clothes, ready to tackle a new challenge in my life.  We have a very rough yard, not smooth at all!  So I started really slow... gosh I was so afraid of turning over. But then, after a little while, I was more comfortable, and cranked up the speed.  Before I knew it... I looked back and the yard was finished!  Wooo Hooo!!!  I did it.  And I was really proud.

So.. what is the point behind my long story?  Well... I think that sometimes God calls us to do something hard for Him.  Something that maybe we have not ever done before, have no idea how to do, etc.  But if we step out on faith, even small steps, however unstable they may be, before long, we find out that we were able to do it all along!  God always equips us when we step out of faith.  And before we know it..He is calling us to take another step, then another.... and all along God is there, equipping, preparing, giving us all we need in that moment.

I have to think of the scripture.  I can do all things through Christ which gives me strength!  Phil 4:13

That's it.  I hope everyone has a wonderful, blessed, amazing and glorious Sunday!  God is so amazing!  He is worthy of all of our praise!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

God's Superior Love ...


How God Feels About Us!  Jesus love for us is better than wine!  Praise the Lord!

Spiritual Immaturity Is Not Rebellion:

God feels different emotions related to how people respond to Him.  So many are confused about the Love of God.  Repentance is a changing of attitude of the heart that turns "from sin" and "to God" according to the "light of understanding".  Spiritual immaturity is not the same as rebellion.  God looks inwardly when we see outwardly. 

Our repentance, obedience and love for God are real and sincere even while they are weak and flawed.  Weak love is not false love!  The sincere intention to obey God is distinct from the attainment of mature obedience!  The believer who sins shows their sincerity by QUICKLY REPENTING and renewing their war against that sin. 

God delights in a sincere desire  or cry in our spirit to obey Him.  God does not confuse spiritual immaturity with rebellion.  If we become confused by this (especially we who are "seasoned" Christians, we will bring others under deep condemnation). 

A good way to illustrate.  David seemed to commit much more serious sins than Saul, but God's favor continued with David?  Why?  When David sinned his heart was wounded because he grieved God's heart!  He cared more about his RELATIONSHIP with God than the consequences of being caught.  When Saul sinned he planned to continue in it until caught and confronted.  He only gave an outward show of repentance as he continued in rebellion.

MY NOTE:  I must say that these simple thoughts have brought me so much freedom in my life and how I see my passion for the Lord.  And it has changed my eyes to see those new in the faith more as He does!



The Father's affection and personality is a sweet perfume.  We rest in the God who sees, feels, runs and embraces and kisses our heart.  (Luke 15:20 - Prodigal Son)

The father SAW the prodigal son - God's view of His people.

The father FELT COMPASSION for the prodigal son - God's tenderness for His people.

The father RAN TOWARDS the prodigal son - God's action and initiative for His people.

The father EMBRACED (fell on) the prodigal son - God's affection for His people.

The father KISSED the prodigal son - God's desire for nearness with His people!!!


Father God, thank You for Your amazing love and grace that covers me.  Thank You that when I seem to fail You in so many ways, that You see my heart and know that I still have set the course to follow You.  Thank You for seeing my heart.  For loving me... .for forgiving me and allowing me to carry on in my walk to serve You more.  May my heart always follow after you.  Amen

Monday, August 2, 2010

Some thoughts from the Song of Solomon...

Some revelations:
Jesus has a passionate affection for and enjoys His people.
In the Song of Solomon the beauty of Jesus as the Bridegroom King is revealed.
The fact that Jesus see's all believers as beautiful, even in our weakness.

There are many principles of growing love and a mature partnership with Jesus in the Song of Solomon.

The Brides journey began with longing for the kisses of His Word and ended up encountering Jesus in His holy jealous love.  

Many times in the Song of Solomon there is phrasing about kisses on the mouth.  This is a symbol of a loving, marriage relationship between God and His Bride (believers).  It is a love like none other!

God is raising up a people who long for the kisses of God's Word!

The ultimate purpose and meaning for our life is to experience intimacy with God.

Some paradox ideas:

The Bride begins her journey with Grace.  Song 1:5-6  I am dark (in heart), but lovely (to God)..... my own vineyard (heart) I have not kept.  We are a sinful people, our heart is dark because we have not "kept it" by choosing to serve Him and grow closer to him.

But she has a desperate cry to have more of Him.  Tell me, O You whom I love, where do You feed your flocks... she is looking for where to find Him.

In verse 16 the Bride begins to understand that she is beautiful and pleasant to Him.


A few more principles to think on:

God loves unbelievers.

God enjoys and delights in young (immature) believers.  God loves unbelievers, but he rejoices over believers.  He delights in our repentance and our newness in Him.  He smiles over us as we begin the growth process... long before we become mature!

God's enjoyment is not the same as His approval.  We must remember that we make mistakes even as believers, we need His correcting.  And He will correct us!  He loves and enjoys us as we learn and grow and strive to be intimate and pure with Him... but we still do things He will not approve of.

God's discipline is not the same as His rejection!  This is wonderful!  He disciplines us... but He never rejects us if we continue to grow and mature and seek His face!  When we find we are being disciplined... be joyful... because that means he has NOT given up on us!

God is grieved over the persistent sin of His people.  Just as stated in Rev. 3:16-17 God hates luke-warmness!  When we continue to sin we can NOT remain in His garden.  We can not be His bride, His lover... God loves us so much, but His presence can not abide in the presence of sin!

Spiritual disciplines do not earn us favor with God.  Prayer, fasting, meditation on His Word are ordained by God, but they do not gain us favor.  God gives to us on the basis of our heart and how much we love and serve and seek His face!

Maturity allows us to receive more, Not to be LOVED more.  God grants a greater measure of power to those who are mature in our relationship with Him... but He loves us all the same, regardless of where we are.  His love is passionate, immeasurable, and amazing!!!

Ok, that is just a little of what has blessed me!  Hope you enjoy this.  I will share more soon.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

My Beloved

The past few weeks I have been involved in a study on the Song of Solomon at my church.  The next few days I'm going to share some of my favorite parts.  But for tonight, I want to share the lyrics of a wonderful song called My Beloved.  It is such a wonderful and touching song...... enjoy it.

You're My Beloved
You're My Bride
To sing over you is My delight
Come away with Me My love

You're Beautiful to Me
So beautiful to Me

Under My mercy
Come and wait
Till we are standing face to face
I see no stain on you
My child

You're Beautiful to Me
So Beautiful to Me

I sing over you My song of peace
Cast all your care down at My feet
Come and find your rest in Me

I'll breathe My life inside of you
I'll bear you up on eagle's wings
And hide you in the shadow of My strength
I'll take you to My quiet waters
I'll restore your soul
Come rest in Me and be made whole

You're My beloved
You're My Bride
To sing over you is my delight
Come away with me my love