Thursday, January 20, 2011

Over and Over Again

Daily Nugget:

Midian so impoverished the Israelites that they cried out to the Lord for help.  Judges 6:6

My head hurts and I am frustrated!  Why was it so impossible for the people of Israel to just worship ONE GOD!  The one God who had done so much beyond anyone's comprehension, just for them.  

God's compassion for them was amazing. Once again Israel found themselves in bondage.  Didn't take them long from the last rescue to forget God and all He had accomplished in their history and life, to go right back under someones rule.  And when they had had enough... they cry out to God.  

Israel turned to God as a last resort, only because they were yet again being oppressed.  Their faith in God was not founded in love and gratitude for Him, but by their own selfish desires and ambitions.  They only sought God when they were in crisis and desperate.  Why did they so easily forget?

Aren't we much like Israel? I know I have been in my past.  It has been a stinging pain inside me as I have read these chapters and realized how much I have been like Israel.  I have been brought to my knees more than once during this journey!  God forgive me.  

We as His people need to ask ourselves, do we follow the Lord because we truly love Him.  Do we follow His commands and His word because we adore Him?  Do we serve Him because of all He has done for us?  Or do we serve Him because of what we can receive?

We know that God gives good gifts to His children.  He loves to lavish upon us.  But this should never be our reason for serving Him.  It should just be a benefit that goes beyond the awesome and terrifying fact that He loves us so, and we in turn love and adore Him.  

He is the Lord God, there is none like Him!

Father God, forgive me for coming to you when I find myself in a mess, when I have been avoiding you in the good.  I love You, adore You, magnify You, praise You, glorify You, daily because you have done so much for me!  I will serve you Lord, in all things, at all times.  You are my first love!

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