Sunday, April 8, 2012

Empty Tomb

This morning was a glorious day!  A day to celebrate the Risen Savior of the World!  There is no other like Him.  None like Jesus.  No one will ever love us as much as He does.

Our youth performed a short drama during the service.  There were scenes from the life of Jesus through crucifixion and the resurrection.  Seeing these things, never fails to bring me to tears. 

Every day, I celebrate and am thankful to Jesus Christ who I worship and adore.  I think of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.  I think of His reign in heaven, and of the days that we will sit before His throne.  But, honestly, I do not think of His agony every day.

So today.... I remember how He prayed and sought answers, so deeply troubled that drops of blood ran.  I remember that He was betrayed by men who loved Him and served Him.  Men who walked with Him, and saw Him perform miracles.  I remember the beating - the torn flesh, the blood.  I remember the crown of thorns, it is so much harder to think of, than the crown He now wears!  I remember the sorrow, the thoughts of His mother, losing her son.  I remember the cross, the nails, the pierced side.... I remember.

I think of the tomb that His body was laid in.  The stone rolled closed, the guard.  I think of the angel's message, the stone rolled away, the empty tomb where He had been.  I think of the rejoicing of the women, who saw Jesus resurrected.  I think of the joy... the JOY!  Joy in knowing He is alive.  The Joy in knowing He kept His promises!  The Joy in knowing I serve a risen Savior.

I am humbled that He did it all for me.  Just me.  No one else.  Yet, everyone else.  Just YOU! 

Today, I remember, I celebrate the One who gave His all for me.  Oh how great the love for us He gives.

Happy Easter.  Always remember.  Always be joyful!  Always know He loves you so very much.

Thank you Jesus, for Your sweet and precious sacrifice.  Thank you,  that you loved JUST ME, enough to die on a cross and suffer so much.  I am humbled by your grace.  May I be worthy of your suffering.  May I be worthy of your death.  And may I celebrate in knowing that it was You who provided a way for me.  You are my salvation!  I serve a mighty, risen Savior!  And He knows my name!

Monday, April 2, 2012

My Portion

The Lord is my portion; therefore I will wait for Him.  Lamentations 3:24

I have spent years seeking what would fill me.  I have spent time seeking the things of the world, things that were not good for me.  I've spent time seeking after things that were not necessarily bad, but were not what God had in store for me.  And I've spent time seeking after that "one thing" that  my heart longed for.

I am so thankful that God didn't allow me to settle for those things that were less than what He had prepared for me.  I'm so thankful that I have continued to seek after God.  He has done so much for me.  He is my portion.  With Him filling my life, consuming me, giving life and breath to me, I am in need of nothing else.  He in deed is my portion.

The past few months, God has been calling me, and pursuing me in such sweet ways.  I have longed for Him and a greater filling of what He had for me.  I have spent time in prayer and time in worship.  I have followed Him waiting for the time I was prepared for what was to come.  So lovingly and so gently, He has been filling me little by little.  He has become my portion in every way.

God has granted me time in His presence. He has restored my heart, my joy, my peace.  He has given the Holy Spirit to provide me sweet filling that none other can.  My heart is fixed on Him.  I have never been in a place like this in my life.  I desire more and more...

What is so amazing... is that He continues to have more and more to give.  He is my filling portion... and as I seek after Him, spend time with Him, cultivate my relationship with Him... He continues to be my portion.

All consuming Father, thank you for always being the Portion I need.  Thank you for the life you are breathing into me.  Thank you for the newness of every moment spent with You.  May I seek after you, and find you, yet still strive to find even more... You are my everything.