Saturday, January 8, 2011

Carried on Eagles Wings

Daily Nugget:

...and how I carried you on eagles' wings and brought you to myself.  Now if you obey me fully and keep my covenant, then...  Exodus 19: 4b-5a

Just as a mother eagle catches her young on her wings to keep them from crashing why learning to fly, God was caring for Israel and bringing her not just to Sinai, but to Himself.  The expression of this verse is such a beautiful demonstration of how much God loves us.  How much he loved Israel.  

God does just the same for us... when we need Him desperately, when we feel as though we are falling, all while trying to learn to live for and serve Him, He is carrying us.  Oh thank you Precious Father!  You know I need catching so often!

But there is also a "condition".  God said If you obey Me FULLY and keep MY covenant.  God's love and care for the people was conditioned on their obedience to Him as their Lord.  I think sometimes we as God's children forget that there is a IF and a THEN.  We so often just assume that God is going to do for us all that He has said... for "free".  

We need to remember that the "IF" is what we are called to do, obedience to HIM, not so that we can get to the "then" but because we love Him so much!  The IF that we live out on a daily basis should be because we love, desire, adore, worship, glorify, magnify.... well you understand,  HIM!  It is when we give Him all of this unconditionally, that I believe He fulfills our THEN.  And wow is His THEN amazing!  It is more than we could ever hope or dream or even comprehend! 

He is a generous and loving God.  He lavishes us with good things.... He just wants us to fulfill our "IF" because we love Him so much!

Father God, I am always amazed by what you so graciously give to me.  May I be even more faithful this coming year at fulfilling my IF to You.  May I joyfully and lovingly keep Your Word.  May I follow Your commandments because I love and adore You, not just because I want the THEN.  You are Almighty and Worthy of all that I have, even if there is nothing more for You to give.  May my praise and adoration be a beautiful offering to you always!!!  Amen

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