Friday, January 21, 2011

Pouring Out

Daily Nugget:  

...I was pouring out my soul to the Lord.  1 Samuel 1:15b

Today's reading was great!  I have read about two of my favorite women in the Word! 

I love the story of Ruth and Naomi.  I admire Ruth so much for being so faithful.  God blessed her for doing things right in His sight and for honoring her family.  I love the story about Boaz as her kinsmen redeemer.  What a wonderful parallel to Jesus Christ and how He redeemed us!  Praise the Lord!  (Take a few minutes and read the book of Ruth!  It's beautiful.)

Reading on into 1 Samuel I find another story that touches my heart so very deeply.  The story of Hannah.

She was a good wife to her husband, yet she was barren.  His other wife (these wives, on my list to ask God about) taunted her daily because she had been able to bare sons.  Hannah was grieved.

The word says she prayed a vow to the Lord, to give a son back to Him, if God would just honor her prayer. Eli the priest saw her and wasn't sure what to make of it all.  But Hannah told Eli, she was deeply troubled.  Hannah was "pouring out her soul" to the Lord.

As a mother, I am learning what it means to pour out my soul.  My prayers come as desperate almost un-audible words to the Father, to hear my petitions.  Pouring out my soul is deep.  It is desperate.  It tears into my very core.  These are times of great despair or need, and God hears my prayers.  Just as He did for Hannah.

Hannah received her blessing, a son.  She kept her promise and gave him to the Lord to serve and grow under Eli.  What a sacrifice.  Her adoration and love for the Father was amazing.  She gave so very much in return for God's answer to her prayer.  I admire her deeply.  I can not fathom sending my young son to "church" to live with and learn under my pastor, only to see him maybe once a year.  She was a strong woman!!

Father God, I know times when I have poured out my very soul to you.  You have so lovingly heard my prayer and answered me.  Thank you for those times. I pray that I may grow and learn to be as faithful as Hannah was.  That WHEN my children come to me and say, "the Lord has told me" to do this, I will be able to release them to You, knowing they are in Your hands.  They are after all, only on "loan" to me.  Thank you for my children and how they have blessed my life.

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