Sunday, October 11, 2009

Knowing God...

I have thought a lot about really knowing God. I mean I know about God, I know who He is, I know all the stories... but do I really KNOW Him?

Do I know Him intimately? Do I know every little aspect of who He is and do I still long for Him? Think about when you "fell in love" for the first time... or maybe the last time. Do you remember every aspect, every feature of his face. When you parted, do you remember the smell, the touch? Could you remember and think about every word spoken, every sweet word he whispered in your ear?

We should know our First Love this intimately. Do we remember His voice, His touch, His name, His face? Or has our love grown cold? Has our love affair with the Savior faded? Is it just routine? Is it just something that is "there"... but doesn't move us or make us feel?

I want to know my Savior this well. I want to make sure I find time every day to just sit in His presence... to memorize His Word, His voice, His touch. I want to remember every touch He has given my life. I want to be able to hear His voice, and know any time He calls.

How do we get to know Jesus this well? Spend time with Him. Read His love letters to You. Talk to Him. Adore Him. Worship Him. Lavish in His love for You. Rest in His arms. Taste His blessings.

I love the words of this song. Oh to know You in Your glory. Oh to bow before Your throne. Oh to rest here in Your presence. Oh to worship You alone.

Spend time with your Savior!