Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Twists and turns...

it is amazing how many twists and turns there have been already in the Bible.  I'm only in Genesis...

Today's Nugget:

Genesis 28:15  I am with you and will watch over you wherever you go...

 I am now through the 28th chapter of Genesis... and I can honestly say that I forget how imperfect those God used in the beginning of time were.

People doubted God to do what He said, because of age.  People took it upon themselves to "do it their way" because of doubt.  Bad choices, haunting decisions, ill-fated attempts to work God's plan ahead of God Himself.  Wait... that sounds just a little too much like me! Lord, how often I have done exactly (well not really) what Abraham and Isaac and Esau and Jacob and Sarah have done.  Trying to do it my way... believing you, knowing you are God Almighty, but maybe just not having the faith and patience to see YOU LORD, bring it to pass!

I am humbled today, that in-spite of all their short comings and failures, God held to His promises and fulfilled His purpose for their life.  There was never a time where it was "too much for God".  His promises, God's very word held as a covenant, continued to cover these imperfect and faltering people!  Lord, does that mean, that I too, regardless of how I have tried to do it "my way", can still be used and blessed and covered by You to do amazing and wonderful things!?!

Father God, I am so very thankful that you see my imperfections and still love me any way.  I am sorry for taking things, great things You have promised me, and totally blowing it. Lord, I admit I need You.  I need Your guidance and direction.  I want a revelation of just where You want me to be and how I am to be used for Your glory.  Show me Lord, that the promises You have given me, even long ago, are still possible.  And Father, allow me to wait patiently as You fulfill them and show me which direction to go.  I am blessed that YOU are watching over me, where ever I go.  That YOU have Your hand and Your eyes ALWAYS upon me.  What sweet peace that brings.

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  1. This is an area that I struggle with, too -- giving my struggles to the Lord, then snatching them back to "fix" myself rather than trusting Him to handle things. And the frustrating thing is... I'm not always aware that I'm doing this :(

    Thanks again for letting me walk this journey with you, Hon...

    LiC - kim