Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Oh My Son!

Daily Nugget:

O my son Absalom!  My son, my son Absalom!  If only I had died instead of you...  2 Samuel 18:33

David cried and mourned for his son.  Even though Absalom had killed his brother, turned against his father the King, and tried to take the throne... David was grieved upon his death.

David loved his sons I am sure.  David loved the Lord, and knew that even under the worst of conditions, the Lord would restore Absalom in time.  But that time never came. 

I believe David's grief was more than for just the death of His son.  I believe his desperate cry over his son was because he died in his rebellion.  There was so salvation left for Absalom... he was gone.  There was no redemption.

Have you cried out before God in despair for a child?  Do you have a child that is lost in rebellion and sin?  God hears our cries.  God knows our heart.  He knows our pain.  He loves us and can give us peace.  We must however continue to cry out for that child.  To bring his or her name before the Father.  He hears our cries.  He knows our heart.  And he cares. 

Be encouraged today if you have a child "lost" .  May you feel comfort in knowing God cares.

Father God, I pray for these children lost in sin and confusion.  I pray for their eyes to be open and to see that they desperately need you.  May they return to their families and may You bring reconciliation.  Strengthen those of us who continue to cry out before You on their behalf.  May we find peace knowing You hear us and care. 


  1. Hello Vanessa,
    Thanks for sharing this post. I have 4 boys and sometimes a flash of fear strikes my heart when I try to envision the future for these children, especially when I see their behavior on certain days, you know what I mean? Then I have to take that thought captive and bring my fear before the Lord and ask Him to bear this burden for me.
    I am following you. Come visit me at www.battlemindblog.blogspot.com

    Many Blessings, Nena

  2. Thanks Nena. I have seven children of my own.. and I totally understand what you are saying! ;) God is faithful though and He hears our hearts!