Monday, October 8, 2012

Day 8 - Micah 3:8

But as for me, I am filled with power,
    with the Spirit of the Lord,

                 Micah 3:8a

 Many in the body of Christ no longer think we have Power!  The Holy Spirit has been deemed a presence and working of the past!  But there is nothing further from the truth.  The Holy Spirit is alive and well, and working in the lives of those who are open to Him!

Micah was chosen and called to be a spokesman for God.  He stood against all the other religious leaders and political leaders.... and he called sin - sin!  He spoke with power, and wisdom and strength that came from the Holy Spirit!

Micah's task was to reflect the heart of God, to encourage right and to discourage wrong.  

We today,  do have this same power!  If we are followers of Christ, and are doing our best to live a holy life, allowing the Holy Spirit to work in and through us.... we have Power beyond our imagination.  

If we can ever take a hold of this, we as Micah, can accomplish amazing things for the Kingdom!


  1. Love this series topic!

  2. Beautiful and so true! Thanks for being so bold to say it! with his anointing and glory rising on us, he empowers us in Jesus name...beyond our imaginations!