Friday, October 26, 2012

Day 26 - Psalm 73:26

My body and my heart may grow weak.
God, you give strength to my heart.
You are everything I will ever need.

A few weeks ago, I was blessed to attend a women's conference at The Rock Church, in Huntsville, AL.  It was such an amazing weekend of renewal!  

I hadn't realized how much I needed God's touch in my life, until about five minutes after the worship started.   I spend so much time taking care of my family and all the things that entails, plus the ministries and service I give to my church, I admit, sometimes I just get worn out.

So often when we (you and me) minister in one way or the other, we spend so much time "pouring into" everyone else, that sometimes we forget we need to take time for ourselves and just allow others to pour into us!

Anyway.... one of the first songs of worship that week totally met my need.  I'll link the song at the end of this post.  But, the song reminded me of this scripture.

I get tired, and my heart grows weak and weary often.  There are days when I don't know what "else" I can take on and walk through.  Sometimes its because I take on too much myself, often it is just because of life's changes and twists and turns.  But I grow weary.  

But when I make it a priority to put myself first for just a few moments a day, or for a weekend, God showers me with His presence and gives me strength that I may not have found without seeking Him!

He truly is everything I will ever need.  I just have to stop sometimes, and make sure I am still looking towards Him for those needs!

I pray God gives you strength... to keep on walking.  My body (flesh) and heart may grow weak, but my God, He never fails!

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