Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Day 17 - Isaiah 40:27-31

Don’t you know who made everything?
    Haven’t you heard about him?
The Lord is the God who lives forever.
    He created everything on earth.
He won’t become worn out or get tired.
    No one will ever know how great his understanding is.

He gives strength to those who are tired.
    He gives power to those who are weak. 

 Even young people become worn out and get tired.
    Even the best of them trip and fall. 

 But those who trust in the Lord
    Will receive new strength.
They will fly as high as eagles.
    They will run and not get tired.
    They will walk and not grow weak.

                       Is 40: 27-31 

I seem to forget so often WHO God is.  I begin to look at my problems and they seem so huge.  I forget that the God I serve created everything.  There is nothing He didn't touch at some point in history.  He is timeless...  our struggles do not wear Him out.  I become tired and weary and grumpy and moody - because I try to carry everything myself.  If only, I would truly learn to give everything to the hands who created everything!


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