Wednesday, January 11, 2012

When Something Bad... Turns Amazing...

 On that day a great persecution broke out against the church and all except the Apostles were scattered...  Those who had been scattered preached the word wherever they went.  Acts 8: 1b & 4a

The church was being persecuted.  Saul was up to his tricks trying to destroy and stop the ministry of the Word.  There was much fear, so those who believed scattered in order to be safe.

They went out from Jerusalem, afraid, but not alone, for God's power and the presence of the Holy Spirit was with them.  Wherever they went... they preached the Gospel.  People were healed and their number grew even more!

Isn't it amazing when God takes a bad situation and uses it for His glory?  I've seen this happen so many times in my own life.  Yet we get so caught up in the "problem" we forget to see where God might be sending us in order to make a difference!

There was no way to diminish the gospel.  There was no way to stop the plan of God.  There was no way to silence those who have believed.  Those who have seen the signs and wonders.  They would share the saving grace of Jesus everywhere and anywhere they went.

There will never be a day when the enemy will stop trying to silence "the church".  Because he keeps trying to win.  But the church will never stop, because when those who believe are overwhelmed with persecution, problems, hurts, and fears... they still know a God who will come through.  They believe in a God who will use whatever challenge we have been allowed to face for His glory.

God knew before our name was ever spoken what would happen in our life.  He is not surprised by anything.  God is merciful and just and amazing, in that he takes us through our turmoil just to bring us through in order to share with others.

The gospel must go forth.  And God will use whatever means possible in order to reach those who do not know.  We must allow Him to use our hands and feet, as well as our circumstances, in order to complete the work of reaching the lost.

Are you ready to allow God to use your circumstances to spread His love to a lost and hurting world?

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