Friday, January 6, 2012

Press On...

...straining toward what is ahead, 14 I press on... Philippians 3: 13b-14a

I am tired today.  My spirit is weary.  I want to quit.

Do you have those days?  Days when it seems like regardless of what you do, it isn't enough.

This is how I greeted my morning - weary and worn.  Yet, I trudge on.  Time to walk the dog, prepare a cup of coffee... sit down on the couch with a blanket and sink into my quiet time with God.

It's me Father.  I really need to just crawl in Your lap today.  There are some things happening that I just don't know what to do about.  Can I just rest?  I'm listening.

"Press on?"  What! " Press ON.... I'm with you.  I'm walking right with you step for step.  Rest when you must, but keep pressing on. There is a prize, a goal, it may be beyond what you can see right now My child, but press on."

I'm so glad to know that what I see at the moment is far smaller than what God sees.  It is hard at times to keep pressing, keep running for something you do not see.  Days like today, with burdens I do not know how to carry are hard.  In my selfishness, I'd rather just sit down and cry and have a "pitty party", but my Father said "Press on".

I love the wording of Philippians in the NIV.  The word "straining" is used.  One definition given for "straining" is - to exert to the uttermost.  What image does that give you?  My first thought was of someone weary, worn, sweaty, exhausted, almost on their "last leg"... yet still moving forward, even if it is slowly.

I find comfort in that thought today.  How many times have you seen a marathon runner cross the finish line looking like they just stepped out of a salon?  Never?  Me either.  So today, I may be slow, tired, worn, weary, frantic even... but I will take this life step by step and find the prize.  I may not see it, but it's there... and I will keep pressing.


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  1. Press on, my faithful sister in the Lord ... and His JOY will be your strength! I love the beauty of your words and the encouragement they give. Praying for you!