Tuesday, January 31, 2012

There is a stirring...

There is a stirring in my soul.  A deep desire yearning to find fulfillment.  It's as though I've been in a desert, dry and parched, longing for a cold drink of water.  I'm desperate.

I want to be deeper drawn into the  lap of my Savior.  I don't want to just sit at His feet... I want to be deep in His embrace.  I want every word spoken to hang deeply over me like a dense fog.  I want to feel the tangible presence of my Daddy God.

I long for a relationship with Him as I have never known.  God, my Dad, is drawing this daughter into a place unknown.  He has a plan for me that I have not even begun to walk into. 

The feeling of, my time has past, is........ past.  I know that there is something more, something greater, something powerful I am to do.  It may be for my husband.  It may be for my children.  It may be for my church, friends, community........ I do not know exactly what or where or when... but I know I am preparing myself.  I am finding my ROAR (Lioness Arising)... so that when my path is revealed, I am ready and prepared to rise.

God, you made me a strong woman.  Forgive me for trying to fit myself into a "meeker and milder" role.  Yes, I am gentle, I am soft, I am feminine, but you gave me STRENGTH for a purpose.  Show me that purpose and allow me to rise up! 

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