Tuesday, February 1, 2011

David's Mighty Men

Daily Nugget:

And David became more and more powerful, because the Lord Almighty was with him.  1 Chronicles 11:9

God was with David.  David has a purpose and a destiny that God had spoken over him.  With great destiny, he needed people to help and there was no short fall of men wanting to side with David.  I think if I had been a man in OT time, I would have wanted to be on David's side as well!

The scripture records the men who chose to follow David.  They were called "mighty men" because they accomplished great things for David in the name of the Lord.  They helped David to secure his throne and wage war against those who opposed him.  They held him up, they fought for him, they supported him.... they "had his back" you might say.

As I was reading about these awesome men and their great accomplishments two thoughts rushed into my mind.  My first thought was that we all need our "mighty men" (or women) in our life to help us accomplish what God has set us to do.  We need people in our lives who are going to fight for us, wage war for us, hold us up.  Not in a literal sense of flesh and blood, because what we war against is not of flesh and blood, but in principalities and powers of this world (an not of this world).  When God gives us a destiny, there will always be something fighting us to arrive where God wants us to be.

Think about those who you consider your friends.  Do you have a "mighty" group that you know "has your back"?  I will be honest and say that finding those people for myself has been difficult.  Until recently, I have only had a very few people that I know who truly "fought" for me.  God is bringing new and wonderful people into my life right now... and I am so thankful for that!

Several years ago, God blessed my life with a "mighty woman" who I have never met in real life.  We met online because of a crafting interest we shared.  Throughout these past nine years, Ms. Kim has been a blessing to me.  We do not talk often, she lives on the other side of the country from me, but I know without a doubt that she holds me up in prayer.  When situations have come against me or my family, she is the first on my list to contact to pray.  I KNOW, that she wars in the heavenly for me.  I hope that some day, this side of heaven I can meet her face to face... but until then (or we meet in heaven)... I know that she has "my back" .

If you do not have someone like this in your life, pray that God would send you a spiritually mighty man/woman.  God hears our prayers and the desires of our hearts and I know that He will answer.

The second thought about these "mighty men" was that they were fierce in battle.  Men also came to David daily to help make him King as promised, and to keep that kingdom established.  Many men came to David after he had been anointed, but still had not taken his rightful place as king while Saul remained.  They placed themselves under Davids authority before his kingdom came to full fruition. 

We, as Christ followers here on earth, have placed ourselves as "mighty men" for our Savior, in a time where He is being rejected.  We are fighting for our KING and His kingdom although it has not been fully established.  We bow before His authority and fight for Him.  So I ask you, as I asked myself.... are you a "mighty man" in service to our King?  Are we fighting in the heavenly?  Are we waging war on the things of this world that has rejected our Savior?  Or... do we lack courage when it get's "ugly" in war?  Do we cower in fear instead of pulling our sword and charging forward for His cause?  If we will stand strong He is able and willing to lead us with His Word and His Spirit.  What will you decide?

Almighty King... I am Yours.  Give me strength as I draw my sword and march into war for Your Kingdom!  Give me favor.  Give me like minded friends who will go with me.  May I never fear or falter in Your service until Your kingdom is fully established.  Give me wisdom and courage to discern what I wage war against.... not flesh and blood, but the evil and principalities at work seeking to devour.  May I clothe myself with Your armor and be ever ready for battle! 

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  1. Oh, Sweet Girl... how you have blessed this unworthy one who "lives on the other side of the country" from you... it's only because of the Grace of GOD and His love for us that my prayers make any difference at all.

    I am thankful for our friendship and our "sister-hood" in Christ. I know you often go to war for me and my family and for that I am eternally grateful.

    Love you, Sugar <3