Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Prayer...

I'm going to take a short break from posting about my current reading schedule!

During our Wednesday night services our amazing pastor, Tim Mills at Life Church Birmingham has been teaching on the Tabernacle.  I must just say... it has been amazing!  It's just like God, to bring this 90 day's through the Bible, teaching at church, and my new Beth Moore study all centered around the Tabernacle!  Apparently God has something He wants me to know about "His dwelling place".

The following prayer was written by Pastor Cho, the former pastor of the largest Assembly of God church in South Korea.  It is a prayer that he wrote "praying" through the tabernacle.  This particular portion is in regards to the  golden lampstand.  It's beautiful.  Just 'had' to share.

Holy Spirit, I welcome a deeper more intimate relationship with you today.
Dear Holy Spirit, through your anointing give me your wisdom.
Help me to solve all the problems I face through your wisdom.
Give me your understanding so that I may understand the deep truths of God,
and I may live those truths and pass them on to my children.
Give me counsel so that I will follow your narrow path.
If it pleases you, allow me to advise others how to solve their problems.
Give me tremendous might so that I might be used by you to heal the sick and cast out the devil.
You are the same yesterday, today and forever.
Holy Spirit, increase my knowledge of the Bible.
Give me a keen fear of the Lord so that I walk very softly before you and not commit any sin.
Give me holiness through your presence, O Lord!
Holy Spirit you are a person, not a genie.
The Father worked in the forefront during the Old Testament and Jesus worked in the New; I live in the Age of the Holy Spirit.
I don't want to catch quail with my bare hands.
I want your wind to blow the quail into my camp.
I want to depend on you, Holy Spirit, not my own strength.
You are not an acrobat.
You are a Holy Person with a will, and emotions.
Forgive me for treating you impersonally.
You should be welcomed, loved, caressed, adored, worshipped.
You are my senior partner, you are my Lord.  I depend upon you.
Let's go, Holy Spirit.
Thank you for your anointing.
Let's work together.
I will follow you!
Holy Spirit

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