Friday, February 18, 2011


I admit I am just a few days behind on the reading for 90 Days through the Bible. But it is my weekend to catch up on it all!  Woo Hoo!

The past few days it seems that so many people I love and care about have had some serious life issues come up.  Health, family, major attacks from the father of lies.... thats just a few.  My heart has been heavy for each one and my one on One discussions have become frequent wherever and whatever I have been engaged in.  (Isn't it wonderful that He has ears to hear anytime, anyplace?) 

I have spent a lot of time reflecting and studying the Tabernacle.  I posted a few days ago, how amazing it was that my Bible reading, Beth Moore study and our Wednesday night study has all been around the Tabernacle.  I know God has something HUGE to teach me... it can't just be a coincidence. 

Anyway... all day today my heart has been camped on who God said He was.  He said "I AM".. He is "I AM" and forever will be, "I AM".  So what does that mean for me and for you?  Well what is your need at this moment?   I AM your healer, I AM your provider, I AM your peace, I AM your desire, I AM (fill in the blank).  There is no limit to what God is... He is anything we need.

So often we (I) go everywhere looking for what I need, instead of to the SOURCE of all I need.  But if He is I AM, that is the first place I should be going. 

God I pray that I would keep You, the Great I AM ever before my eyes.  May I never seek to find my answers for my needs anywhere but You and Your will for my life.  You are my everything...

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