Sunday, February 20, 2011

Easy Button

Daily Nugget:

Stop doing wrong, learn to do right!    Isaiah 1:16b-17

I love the book of Isaiah!  So many wonderful glimpses of the future, or the Christ to come, of all that was ahead for those who loved Him.  Excited to be there today!!!

This particular scripture just JUMPED off the page at me.  Can it really be this easy?  Can being a christian be so simple in reality?  Why not? 

Stop doing wrong.  That is pretty straight forward.  Don't do it... if God said it is evil, then don't do it.  All throughout His word He has given us His commands to live by.  If something does not line up with the WILL AND WORD of God, just don't do it!

Learn to do right.  Well that's pretty easy too.  As I just stated, His word is filled with His commands for our life.  All the things we must do, the right things to live by and the standard of which we are to live is right there in the Word of God.  Just learn it and do it!

Now, I do realize that being a christian and following the way of the Lord is not "easy".  We will be persecuted, temped, abused, looked at like we are nuts... well you get my meaning.  No one said it is really "easy".

But my point is... we make living for God sooooo difficult, when it is really simple.  Stop doing wrong.  Stop lying, cheating, stealing, cussing, abusing, being unfaithful, just stop sinning!  We have a way... the Holy Spirit that came to dwell with us... that gives us a way!.  So if it is wrong... just STOP! 

Learn to do right.  Seek God, get into the Word, meditate on His Word and DO IT!  It really is a simple plan.  God's mercy and grace provided a Savior, His Son, Jesus Christ.  Accept Him, serve Him, love Him, follow Him... and great is our reward in heaven! 

Stop doing wrong, learn to do right... and though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be whiter than snow.  Though they are red like crimson, they shall be like wool.  Easy!

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