Friday, February 4, 2011

Stiff-necked People!

Daily Nugget:

Do not be stiff necked, as your fathers were; submit to the Lord.  Come to the sanctuary, which he has consecrated forever.  2 Chronicles 30:8

Hezekiah brought forth four truths that brought about genuine repentance.

1)  God's people must turn their hearts back to Him.  They must have a desire to forsake their sin and confess Him as Lord over their life.  It must be a total commitment to Him alone.  God will not bless His people who are living in "willful" sin.

2)  God's people must return with a fervent love for Him.  It must be a total 100% commitment to obey His commandments and keep covenant with Him.    We must pursue purity of heart and obey His Word.  It must be a total dedication... not half-hearted.

3) God's people must come to Him in humility.  We must have a submission and worship and in service to connect with His love.  The words "submit to the Lord" litteraly means to "give the hand to the Lord".  We must submit to His calling, to His leading.  We must give our "hands" to Him to work through for the sake of His kingdom.

He loves us.  He pursues us.  He is longing and waiting for a return of His people. We can not be stubborn and "stiff-necked"... or we will miss out on such amazing power and grace that is ours to have through Him.

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