Thursday, February 24, 2011


Yesterday was my birthday.  I turned 40 years old.  I must say that I have celebrated to the uttermost!  My family has been amazingly wonderful... and I am blessed beyond measure!  I am overwhelmed by the love shown!

My husband did an amazing thing... it was actually a project in the works since Christmas, but he just finished it in time for my birthday!  My loving husband spend endless hours (with the help of my son Caden, my father and grandfather) to build me a family alter.  It is beautiful.  The design took deep thought and every piece is precious.  Every piece of wood has scripture written on it.  All the measurements represent something religious in nature.  The cross that my grandfather carved is made of two different types of wood, both grown on our family land.  On Sunday, a former pastor and dear friend will come and consecrate the alter and my entire family will have communion together.  I am so excited!  God is moving in my family... and this is just a small piece of heritage I want to leave for my children.

More information later.  Thanks for following my blog.  Please invite anyone you think that might be blessed.

In closing, here are a few photo's of my wonderful surprise from my husband!

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