Monday, December 13, 2010

Stepping Out...

Have you ever had a dream... but thought that it was too late?  Have you ever made what you thought was the right decision, which really wasn't, but God still blessed you with "good things"?  I have been there... think I am there...

Recently a friend entered back into my life... who is extremely talented.  Through his ability.. it has opened up a door to a dream that I had totally given up... to have my own ministry in music.  But wow, it is a HUGE step for me... a step of faith.  It is also a huge step for me.. to believe in the ability that God gave me... that other's would want to share it with me.

There is lot's of work to do, but it is exciting just to think that there may be a new day coming for me... and that my time and "youth" is still open to doing God's long planned will for my life.

Lord... if I have ever needed you... ever needed direction and simple assurance in my life, it's now!

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