Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I love to read....

but I do not find time to do so often enough.  But one of my wonderful daughters gifted me with a new Ted Dekker book - The Bride Collector.  I love his books! :)

So I have read every moment I had.  My husband called me to bed... it was 2:45 am... I had NO idea!  :)

But the book was wonderful.  I won't spoil it for anyone who hasn't read, but... I have some thoughts from it...

Did you know... YOU are God's favorite?  You are!  You are beautiful and perfect.  You are His favorite.  You know what is just as awesome?  So am I!  Yes my dear one... He loves us both... completely and perfectly and equally.  And for we who choose to love and serve Him... we are His Bride.  AHHHH... completely wonderful and beautiful.... and WE are HIS Favorite! 

Doesn't that thought just make you want to dance and sing!  That very simple thought... I choose to keep close to my heart.  I needed that little thought.  There have been some things happening around me.. that have made me feel less than loved.  Less than cherished and important to some people.... some that I thought were different.  Why do we place our importance on those in this world?  Do we want to be loved and accepted, yes of course... but I am trying to remember that my worth, my joy, my peace, my beauty, my very reason for being... is because I AM GOD'S FAVORITE!  So today... I will be happy, I will rejoice, I will be ready and beautiful for His coming!  For He has chosen me and I am HIS FAVORITE!!!

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