Thursday, July 26, 2012

Never too old for...

Vacation Bible School!  Seriously.

I love working with the kids at our church and for VBS every summer.  Such sweet kids, and seeing them learn more about Jesus is just awesome! 

I had been just as excited about this year, until some quick and unseen changes took place in the life of my family.  My thrill for the week changed to dread.  How was I going to be able to bring JOY to the kids, when I was feeling so defeated and down?  My range of emotions go from absolutely positive everything is going to be fine and knowing God is in control, to fussing at myself because I feel so insecure of where we are at the moment, and feeling like I am not trusting a very BIG God.

But VBS inevitably began... and as tired as I am... I am even more blessed.  I am finding it so "like God"  that He is speaking as much to myself and the other workers, as to the children.

So what am I learning this week?

No matter who you are........... Trust God!

No matter how you feel.......... Trust God!

No matter what people do......  Trust God!

No matter what happens........  Trust God!

No matter where you are.......  Trust God!

Maybe, I can remember this!

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