Thursday, July 12, 2012

Living Fully...

A storm is brewing around my family.  Bad news, problems, despair.... seems to be coming to the surface daily right now.  The "old me" would have been filled with darkness and dread.  The "old me" would be frantic needing answers immediately... how do I fix this.  What do I do first.  How can I make everything "good". 

I am so far from where I want the "new me" to be.... but this "new me" who is learning to count my blessings in the midst of it all, is at peace. 

I have peace because I now God has walked us through a path almost the same as this one a few years ago.  I have peace because I have a Savior who has said, He will never leave me.  I have His Word, that tells me that He has only good things for me.  (That does not mean, I'll never go through hard things, but in the midst of these hard things, I will see HIM more clearly.)

My morning began too early.  Cloudy and dark, rain pounding the ground outside my window.  I just didn't want to face the day yet.  I feel worn, tired, empty.  So I pull out my journal and begin listing my gifts..... 

..... faith stretching
..... sleepy smiles
..... text from a friend praying

I am reminded... my JOY, comes from above.  Living my life in the moment by moment of His mercy... seeking His face... to see through His eyes...feel through His hands... love through His heart.... my JOY.... yes, it is in every things.  I must choose my perspective in how I see what is in front of me.

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