Friday, July 13, 2012


Just a short post.  My son and husband, just came home today from an international Royal Rangers "Camparama" in Missouri.  While quickly flipping through the photo's from the week, this is what took my breath away.

This is my 11 year old son, with arms wide open, worshiping the Savior of his heart!  One of the most beautiful things I will ever behold. 

As a mom to seven children, ages 5 to 24.... all that matters at the end of my days is that they know the Lord and serve Him.  At this moment, almost all of my children have a relationship with God, only my oldest son wants nothing to do with Him.  But my job is not over, I have more in my home, living and watching me daily, to lead them closer.

When I stand before God someday... nothing I can say, will mean anything to me, other than I did all I could, gave all I had, win my children for the kingdom of heaven.

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