Sunday, June 29, 2008

What's so great about dying?

Our lesson for today's SS was on dying and what happens when we do. I had all my students think about what they wanted to accomplish in the next 60 years. They got all excited talking about it (funny too). Then I said ok, now your dead, write your own obituary. I think I scared them!

So, our Life Point today is this: God promises eternal life to those who have a personal relationship with Jesus. That assurance gives Christ-followers (love that name) hope for the future and drives the to live PASSIONATELY in the present!

Of course when we think of talking about death in the Bible... other than Jesus, who is "first" popping into your mind? Lazarus of course! I am so amazed by this story, so many things about it just reaches out and grabs my heart.

I'm amazed that Jesus knew He would have to do amazing things to show His power for people to truly grasp who He was.

We can think of all the questions Lazarus' sisters and family asked... Why did he die? Why didn't you come quicker Jesus? Why does there have to be so much suffering? Or our question today, like: Why did my grandmother die from cancer? Why did I loose a child before birth? Why do we suffer, and it seems God is not there?

God is all powerful, and all knowing, but he didn't make us bulletproof. In fact we are all terminal right now. No matter what amazing things He did for Lazarus, one day he still died. One day, we will too. The AWESOME THING about dying, well that is easy, Jesus has promised us life after death with Him. But that can't happen for those who are spiritually dead. Jesus can not save us from that.... unless we ask!

Some people are so afraid of "dying" they can't even live. Of course God gives us common sense to make good decisions about life, and health, etc., but we can't worry so much about someday dying that we forget to live now. Jesus sates in John 10 that Saten is the theif of life, but that He offers a better life than ever dreamed possible.

Missionary Jim Elliot, who was murdered, made this statement in his journal, "He is no fool, he who gives that which he cannot keep, to gain that which he cannot lose." Did you get that. He is simply saying, we give up that in life that we know we can never truly keep (our life), to gain what we can not lose (our life).

God's power over death is amazing. Jesus our savior died and rose, and lives. Although we may give our lives for Him, we will live again, just as He promised. There is no "death" in our spirit, if we are sold out to Him. What a great way to live life. No matter what... in death... those who love and serve Him will live forever. Amazing!

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