Monday, June 30, 2008

It was a wonderful Sunday...

Our service on Sunday was great. It was so refreshing to see people enter INTO the presence of God. Just knowing He is always there.... and yet sometimes we still do not meet with Him... is so sad. But this week, it was a great day, when people were drawn into God's presence! Wow.

A recap of music for the day:
Opener: I'm So Glad Jesus Lifted Me (a bright and peppy hymn)

Set 1:
I Could Sing of Your Love Forever
In Moments Like These
O How I Love Jesus (hymn)

Set 2:
Dwelling Places
Jesus, Lord To Me

When our new pastor came almost a year ago, he began to incorporate scripture readings from the OT and NT as well as a Psalm for all our services, apart from His message scripture. Although I LOVED that there was more of the Word being shared, having it between the two sets of music seemed to "stop" things. What was I to do?

Well this week, my awesome pastor sent me to a music conference. I confess it was out of my comfort zone, as it was primarily Catholic and dealt a lot with the mass and liturgy, etc. But WOW was I surprised and amazed at how passionate this group of people were about WORSHIP in their services. You know we do much of the same thing, we just call it by another name. Anyway, long story short, the idea of continueing to play softly during the reading popped into my head. (So simple, why didn't I think of that a year ago.) As well as have my readers ready to come forward w/out introduction or anything, and to have them read "passionately".

One of the speakers at the conference, John Angotti, made a statement that made me think. When we are reading in our services, we need to remember, that we are reading the very words that are "God Breathed". It is HIS voice we should hear (or think we hear) when the scripture is being read. And those who read, need to read it with emotion and feeling with understanding of what they are sharing. Easy concept, let's see if it works.

So Saturday night, I called my readers for the day, shared with them my thoughts, and off we go. Wonderful, amazing, awesome... it worked. The congregation was carried from worship in music, into worship with the Word, and back into worship in music. It flowed beautiful. THANKS BE TO GOD, FOR GIVING ME SOME GUIDANCE WHEN I REALLY NEEDED IT!

I give Him praise and glory, for being so sweet and wonderful to us and giving us a Sunday of much needed time in HIS presence. And I'm so glad I was able to help in some way!

Being a worship leader is sometimes hard!

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