Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Knowing Who Christ ReallyIs Pt. 2

Today we are going to explore more on this thought, in KNOWING the Real Christ. When Christ spoke the words in John 14:15, If you love me, YOU WILL keep my commandments, His thoughts were possibly, if you love me, because you love me, I know that you WILL keep my commandments.

We can see this when re remember the scene that took place in the Upper Room, just before Christ’s death. Jesus is beginning to comfort the disciples and to prepare them for His departure. It is a sacred time of tenderness and compassion between the Savior and His closest friends. Jesus is reassuring His followers and giving them a list of promises to which they can cling too.
He has promised them that His father’s house had many rooms and He was going there to prepare a place. He also promised them that He will come back and take them with Him. He promised that they would do EVEN GREATER things, because He was going to the Father. He promise the disciples (and now us) that “If you love me, YOU WILL, keep my commandments.” It is a promise.

I truly had never thought of serving God in this way. Not to stress and worry about NOT doing this or that, but just LOVING HIM SO MUCH, BEING SO WRAPPED UP IN HIS PRESENCE, that it really wasn’t a choice, I just WOULD keep His commandments. What an experience of freedom, and hope, and peace. What a relief!

This very verse, was meant to bring us reassurance and blessing and security to our heart. He is saying, because we have a love relationship with one another, you will keep my commandments, that is a promise, it will happen. Wow. Isn’t that amazing!

THE REAL CHRIST IS NOT INSPECTING, DISAPPOINTED, OR DISTANT. He is excited to love us, and longs for us to share His love.

In Psalm 36:9 it says “In your light we see light”. As our view of God is reshaped, and the view of those who come into our church lost and alone is reshaped, we can look beyond our human experiences and our life events and see the light that only He can give. God reveals His true identity through:

The Light of God’s Son. – we experience His love, we experience one source of His transforming light. When we have seen the real Jesus, we have seen the real God.

The Light of God’s Word – when we walk in the light of God’s Word, we see the second transforming light (power). Psalm 119 says His Word is a lamp unto our feet and a light unto our path. As we experience His Words, we are drawn into a deeper relationship with Him. We find His Word is living and active, and brings transformations as we encounter Him.

The Light of God’s People – the third source of light. Christ reminds us that we are the “light of the world”; and as we love one another, His love is perfected in us. Through loving other’s we are able to see the real God more clearly.

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