Saturday, June 7, 2008

Short notes from our SS lesson this week....

Just because it is too good not to share.

Theme for this week: Jesus: Prophet, Priest, King or Homeboy? (ok it is a youth study)

Jesus is not just a popular religious leader; He is fully God and fully man. Jesus came as a Prophet, Priest, and King to rescue us and restore our relationship with God.

Unfortuneately, our "free thinking" system prized by our western culture has left everyone free to understand Jesus in whatever "way" they see fit; right or wrong.

The question: Who do you think He is? The Bible is the only source to find the truth vs. opinion.

Knowing who He is:

a. There is a difference between "knowing about" someone and really "knowing" Him
b. In Jesus' day many thought He was a reincarnated prophet or spokesman for God
c. God revealed the truth to Peter (Matthew 16:16-17)
d. Jesus is more than fully man; He is also fully God
e. Jesus was the Ultimate Prophet: He spoke absolute truth as God Himself

Why it matters:

a. Peter and Jesus Himself affirmed that He is the long awaited Messiah, the Christ, the "anointed one" sent by God to rescue humanity
b. Jesus didn't fit the popular view of His day of what the Messiah would be like
c. Peter's declaration positioned Jesus as the ONE - the only One - who could rescue us from sin and death
d. Jesus was the exact representation of God the Father because Jesus and the Father are one (John 10:30)

To limit Jesus in any way is to not truly understand who He is: fully man and fully God.

What an amazing thing to realize!

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