Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Ready, Set, Go....

“You crown the year with Your goodness, 
          and Your paths drip with abundance.”   Psalms 65:11

It's that time again!  Another year of school.  I can hardly fathom that I am approaching my 14th year homeschooling!  Wow.

Lord, I pray that this year I will be well organized.  I pray that I will have a better ability to give time and grace where it is needed.  I pray that I will show love and compassion to my children every day.
Give me knowledge beyond my own reasoning, in order to teach and inspire them to reach greater goals.

I pray that they would love and honor each other as brother's and sisters.  Not only as true siblings, but also as brother's and sister's in Jesus.  May they have patience with each other.  May they work well together and offer a hand when one is struggling.  I pray that they would enjoy each other, and our time together as we study, laugh, play and just learn more about Jesus!

May everything we do, be pleasing to you Jesus.  May our light shine beyond our own walls, into the world that is so lost.  May we not stay inward, but take Your love to the world.  Protect my children in their thoughts, and in what they hear and see that is of the world.  May they seek knowledge of right and wrong from You, and be able to talk to us, as parents to help guide them.

I am so very blessed to be the mother of these amazing kids. As much as I love them, and want them forever under my wing.... I am excited to see how God is growing each of them.  I know that they will be POWERFUL for the kingdom of God.


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