Friday, January 4, 2013

Asking for Prayer

....He hears the prayers of righteous people.  Prov 15:29

In the past few days I had to make a decision.  I have a family member who has chosen an  "alternative" lifestyle.  He is a very close family member.

I have not seen him is over six years, and most of my children have never met him.  It's been mostly my choice.... He isn't very fond of me - I'm his "crazy christian sister".

I'm also the mother of some precious children, including boys.  I have kept this door shut for a long time... and I believe my choice has been best for my family.

I was in desperate need of prayer.  I needed peace.  I needed to know someone was praying spiritual protection for my kids.  I needed to know that God has this all, and people I knew that really "had His ear" was in the middle of it.

So I sent a message to many of my Warrior friends.  Some knew what was going on, some didn't and just knew to pray.  I received so many responses, words of encouragements, scriptures to stand on, and more. 

I know that God hears every prayer I pray.  I know that He cares about me and my family more than anyone ever will.  I know that He is always with me.  But.... there is something special about knowing that at a particular time, when you need it the  most, you are being lifted up to the Father by other people. 

Moses needed people to lift his arms, the Word speaks of where 2 or 3 agree... and so many more places where God's people supported and prayed for each other........ it is scriptural.

Not everyone has to know your "business"... maybe only a few really close Warriors may know, others just know to pray........... But when we fail to ask for prayer, when we try to make it alone, when we try to take care of everything ourselves, we are missing out.  There is strength and PEACE in the multitude of praying people!  I am so thankful for that.

If you do not have at least one or two people that you can share needs with, that you can call on at any moment and know they are going to STORM HEAVEN for you, I pray that you find them.  I pray that God will make these types of people plain to you.  Pray for God to send them your way........ BE ONE for someone else who is in need.  It is so, so good!

By the way... I went to see this family member, and my children came too.  The moment I pulled in the drive, my Pastor's wife text me... Praying Now!  Oh what peace.  The visit was calm and just peaceful.  I pray that whether this person every listens to me, that the Light of Christ that shone from my children was enough to pierce the darkness.  That for just a moment, the love and compassion that Jesus gives to the lost, was shown fiercely through the smiles and laughter of my children.  God uses the smallest sometimes, to do the greatest things!  God is so good!

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