Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013 - A new year....

The Lord will give power to his people.
    The Lord will bless his people with peace. (Ps 29:11)

It is hard to believe another year had come to an end, and a new one has begun!

Last year held so many challenges for my family.  So many changes, and we are still working through setting a schedule and organize our time with school and just "life".  But I know we will find it soon.

God has taught me so much over 2012, about relying on Him.  My plans are dust to Him, I'm grasping that!   (Regardless of how hard I struggle with it.)  Only He knows what the path my life and the life of my family will take.

All I can do is stay in His Word, pray for His .Wisdom, and keep my eyes on Him.  I can rest when I do those things.  When life get's too busy with "my stuff" to give Him the time needed, everything is torn apart, and I stress.  It is only through a close and intimate walk with Him, that I can just relax and know that He has all things for my good in the works, even when it is NOTHIN, like what I had planned.

Why do we find it so hard, to simply trust that God knows what is best for us?  Why do we try to do it our way so often, only to fail?  How much hurt and pain would we go without, if we just learned to walk beside Him and listen?

This change of course for me, my life and my family is not over, there are still so many unknowns just around every bend, so for 2013, my goal is to daily learn to rest in His promises.  I want peace to rule in my life like never before.  I want His peace and rest to saturate my life.

I long to be closer to my Savior in 2013... and to see my family grow closer in the process.  I know I have little eyes watching me, and although they know I am human, and I fail, they do watch my relationship with Jesus.  May my feet never lead them astray.

Jesus, it is at Your feet, that I find rest and perfect peace.  May this year, be set in motion with me at Your feet, and in Your presence.  For everything in my life depends on it.  Amen.

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