Monday, May 21, 2012


Now thanks be to God who always leads us in triumph in Christ.  2 Corinthians 2:14
In the Messiah, in Christ, God leads us from place to place in one perpetual victory parade. (Message)

Grasping the idea that I can truly overcome, and walk through any situation, because Jesus and the Holy Spirit have given me unlimited power, is difficult.  Somewhere between the knowing He can do all things, and that He has given me the ability to do what He has done or even greater.... well, it get's lost in my mind!

In following Christ, we are promised that we will also go through trials and struggles.  That we will struggle, because we live in a fallen world.  These types of things are inevitable.  One of my "pet peeves" are ministers who seem to teach that if you are following Jesus, everything is wonderful and perfect.  That my friend is just not true.

The amazing thing is not that we will never go through any struggles or troubles, but that Jesus walks with us in them, and that He has given us strength and power to "press on".  If we try to do it all in our strength, we will fail miserably.  But if we keep moving forward, listening for His voice and watching His ways, then we will be pleasantly surprised by what we find on the other side.

Sometimes it is the "other side" of the troubles and trials and hard places, that we find more joy, more grace, more faith, deeper growth... and the list goes on.  If we just quit, every time something is not going our way (or the way we think it should be going) oh what we will forfeit. 

Help me to keep going, when I feel like it is not worth the battle.  Help me to believe that You have given me power, that sometimes I can't even see or feel within myself.  Give me strength and courage to keep pressing on, until I get to the other side.  For the prize ahead is so much greater than my mind could ever conceive.  Amen

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