Saturday, May 12, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

 "Strength and honor are her clothing; she shall rejoice in time to come."
"She speaks with wisdom, and faithful instruction is on her tongue."

I will be honest, I have been so blessed all week.  My husband decided to do a week of mother's day!  So every day, I have received lovely gifts.  Just for me!  Things that spoke to my heart, my needs, my emotions...

I have seven wonderful children, two children in love, and one grandson (and grand baby on the way).  I am covering several stages of life all at once... it is a whirl ride of a time.  But one I wouldn't ever give up.  I have a 24 year old daughter (married) and a 20  year old son (married), my role in their life is so different, sometimes it is a blessing, and sometimes it is difficult.  Gone are the days when they listen to mom just because I AM the MOM.  But at this age, they make their path - good or bad.  For these two, I pray wisdom and God's grace.  Regardless of their age, this mom's prayers are never done.

Then I have an 18 year old daughter and a 17 year old daughter.  Two girls could never be so opposite as these two!  Being the mom of teen age girls with their feelings and heart on their sleeve is like walking through land mines.  Every day, sometimes every moment is different.  Prayers at this age, are sometimes easy, and then there are those gut wrenching, prayers of desperation.  You know the kind, the ones when you lay on the floor, snotty and red faced!  lol  Oh how I have had some of those nights.  But over the past year, I have seen so many of those prayers answered.  God has proven and assured me over and over again... He hears me and loves me and is going to answer.  The hard part, the REALLY hard part, is knowing that although they are "mine".... they really are His and He will do whatever He wants in HIS time.  Oh what grace and patience HE has on me. 

Then there is my 10 year old son, 8 year old son, and my 5 year old (bossy and prissy) little girl.  I love the prayers for these !  God lead them, love them, protect them, thank you for them, thank you for their life, their tears, their hugs and kisses.  Thank you for speaking to them while they are so young.  Thank you for leading their hearts to you at such tender ages.  I see God growing amazing and life changing "warriors" in these three.  I've had more time and more knowledge, more patience, understanding, and well... just about everything has been easier, only because God has taught me so much from my failures and successes with the older crew.  I love this age.  I love that God gave me a third "stair step" in our children!

I thank the Lord, every day that He has made me a mom.  I hope my older children know I did the best I could and followed the Lord, His Word, and my heart for them.  I love every one of them dearly.  I could not imagine my life with out any of them.  I hope they will have fond memories, even amongst the bitter sweet ones when I am gone.  Sheila, Shawn, Macaylin, and Amy.... I love you more than life.  My prayers for you are daily.  They remain always with you.  God can do mighty things with your lives, just allow Him to lead you!

For my Caden, Caleb and Cayla... may you know that you bring such joy.  Your lives will be a little different always, because of your brothers and sisters that grew up before you.  I will make mistakes still.  I will fail you at times.  But, I will always, ALWAYS, be there for you.  I pray for you daily.  That God continues to work in you NOW, every day, in every way, to bring you closer to Him.  May I be an even better mom in the days ahead, because I choose to walk closer  and closer to my "Daddy".

To all of my children, you will never know, what an honor it is for me, to be called - Mom, Mommy, Mama, and yes Shawn, even Maaaaaaa!  I love you, I love you, I love you!

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