Monday, August 2, 2010

Some thoughts from the Song of Solomon...

Some revelations:
Jesus has a passionate affection for and enjoys His people.
In the Song of Solomon the beauty of Jesus as the Bridegroom King is revealed.
The fact that Jesus see's all believers as beautiful, even in our weakness.

There are many principles of growing love and a mature partnership with Jesus in the Song of Solomon.

The Brides journey began with longing for the kisses of His Word and ended up encountering Jesus in His holy jealous love.  

Many times in the Song of Solomon there is phrasing about kisses on the mouth.  This is a symbol of a loving, marriage relationship between God and His Bride (believers).  It is a love like none other!

God is raising up a people who long for the kisses of God's Word!

The ultimate purpose and meaning for our life is to experience intimacy with God.

Some paradox ideas:

The Bride begins her journey with Grace.  Song 1:5-6  I am dark (in heart), but lovely (to God)..... my own vineyard (heart) I have not kept.  We are a sinful people, our heart is dark because we have not "kept it" by choosing to serve Him and grow closer to him.

But she has a desperate cry to have more of Him.  Tell me, O You whom I love, where do You feed your flocks... she is looking for where to find Him.

In verse 16 the Bride begins to understand that she is beautiful and pleasant to Him.


A few more principles to think on:

God loves unbelievers.

God enjoys and delights in young (immature) believers.  God loves unbelievers, but he rejoices over believers.  He delights in our repentance and our newness in Him.  He smiles over us as we begin the growth process... long before we become mature!

God's enjoyment is not the same as His approval.  We must remember that we make mistakes even as believers, we need His correcting.  And He will correct us!  He loves and enjoys us as we learn and grow and strive to be intimate and pure with Him... but we still do things He will not approve of.

God's discipline is not the same as His rejection!  This is wonderful!  He disciplines us... but He never rejects us if we continue to grow and mature and seek His face!  When we find we are being disciplined... be joyful... because that means he has NOT given up on us!

God is grieved over the persistent sin of His people.  Just as stated in Rev. 3:16-17 God hates luke-warmness!  When we continue to sin we can NOT remain in His garden.  We can not be His bride, His lover... God loves us so much, but His presence can not abide in the presence of sin!

Spiritual disciplines do not earn us favor with God.  Prayer, fasting, meditation on His Word are ordained by God, but they do not gain us favor.  God gives to us on the basis of our heart and how much we love and serve and seek His face!

Maturity allows us to receive more, Not to be LOVED more.  God grants a greater measure of power to those who are mature in our relationship with Him... but He loves us all the same, regardless of where we are.  His love is passionate, immeasurable, and amazing!!!

Ok, that is just a little of what has blessed me!  Hope you enjoy this.  I will share more soon.

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