Tuesday, August 3, 2010

God's Superior Love ...


How God Feels About Us!  Jesus love for us is better than wine!  Praise the Lord!

Spiritual Immaturity Is Not Rebellion:

God feels different emotions related to how people respond to Him.  So many are confused about the Love of God.  Repentance is a changing of attitude of the heart that turns "from sin" and "to God" according to the "light of understanding".  Spiritual immaturity is not the same as rebellion.  God looks inwardly when we see outwardly. 

Our repentance, obedience and love for God are real and sincere even while they are weak and flawed.  Weak love is not false love!  The sincere intention to obey God is distinct from the attainment of mature obedience!  The believer who sins shows their sincerity by QUICKLY REPENTING and renewing their war against that sin. 

God delights in a sincere desire  or cry in our spirit to obey Him.  God does not confuse spiritual immaturity with rebellion.  If we become confused by this (especially we who are "seasoned" Christians, we will bring others under deep condemnation). 

A good way to illustrate.  David seemed to commit much more serious sins than Saul, but God's favor continued with David?  Why?  When David sinned his heart was wounded because he grieved God's heart!  He cared more about his RELATIONSHIP with God than the consequences of being caught.  When Saul sinned he planned to continue in it until caught and confronted.  He only gave an outward show of repentance as he continued in rebellion.

MY NOTE:  I must say that these simple thoughts have brought me so much freedom in my life and how I see my passion for the Lord.  And it has changed my eyes to see those new in the faith more as He does!



The Father's affection and personality is a sweet perfume.  We rest in the God who sees, feels, runs and embraces and kisses our heart.  (Luke 15:20 - Prodigal Son)

The father SAW the prodigal son - God's view of His people.

The father FELT COMPASSION for the prodigal son - God's tenderness for His people.

The father RAN TOWARDS the prodigal son - God's action and initiative for His people.

The father EMBRACED (fell on) the prodigal son - God's affection for His people.

The father KISSED the prodigal son - God's desire for nearness with His people!!!


Father God, thank You for Your amazing love and grace that covers me.  Thank You that when I seem to fail You in so many ways, that You see my heart and know that I still have set the course to follow You.  Thank You for seeing my heart.  For loving me... .for forgiving me and allowing me to carry on in my walk to serve You more.  May my heart always follow after you.  Amen

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