Saturday, August 7, 2010

A quick thought...

My week has been busier than I anticipated.  I'll be back to Song of Solomon on Monday. 

I spent today doing yard work with my oldest daughter and her sweetheart.  My husband has a really bad back, so it has become my job to help keep things mowed and cared for.  I will be honest.... I have never, ever mowed my own yard.  Even growing up my brother or my dad always did the yard work.  Honestly, I've always been scared to mow.  Guess it's crazy, but I never thought I could really do it.  But things happen, situations change.... and you find yourself needing to broaden your scope of ability.  I didn't want to do it, I hate to sweat, I hate dirt, I'm south a prissy southern girl over all! :)

But today, I got out there, hair in a bandanna, old clothes, ready to tackle a new challenge in my life.  We have a very rough yard, not smooth at all!  So I started really slow... gosh I was so afraid of turning over. But then, after a little while, I was more comfortable, and cranked up the speed.  Before I knew it... I looked back and the yard was finished!  Wooo Hooo!!!  I did it.  And I was really proud.

So.. what is the point behind my long story?  Well... I think that sometimes God calls us to do something hard for Him.  Something that maybe we have not ever done before, have no idea how to do, etc.  But if we step out on faith, even small steps, however unstable they may be, before long, we find out that we were able to do it all along!  God always equips us when we step out of faith.  And before we know it..He is calling us to take another step, then another.... and all along God is there, equipping, preparing, giving us all we need in that moment.

I have to think of the scripture.  I can do all things through Christ which gives me strength!  Phil 4:13

That's it.  I hope everyone has a wonderful, blessed, amazing and glorious Sunday!  God is so amazing!  He is worthy of all of our praise!

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