Tuesday, October 28, 2014


“May (our sons) be kind to others, tenderhearted, and forgiving others as        You in Christ forgave him.”  Ephesians 4:32
We are working really hard right now on using KIND words with each other.  Out of my seven children I have a huge age diversity still at home.  We have a 20 yo girl, 13 yo boy, 10 yo boy and 8  yo girl.  That mix tends to leave a lot of room for grumpy, fussy, not nice moments.  Those moments often include mom and dad, because on some days - we have just had ENOUGH!  (Do you remember those days? or maybe you have those days now!  Those ENOUGH days!!!)
I think it is always good for them to express themselves, but trying to teach them the right way is not always easy.  Different personalities add to the grand mix of "not nice-ness". 
However, we do practice a whole bunch of forgiveness.  It's a requirement when they have been "at it" again, that they apologize, offer love and forgiveness to each other.  It always takes two (sometimes more) to begin the trouble anyway.  So apology, love, forgiveness is practiced often here.
I pray Father God, that my children, my sons and daughters will always know Your forgiveness. Because Your forgiveness is life changing!!!  And I pray that they will learn to offer grace and forgiveness to each other, especially those in their family that are there through thick and thin!  Thank You for loving Your children so much and for always extending mercy and grace to us.

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