Tuesday, September 30, 2014


I have felt such an urgency to pray over my sons (and my daughters) because the world we live in is in such a volatile state, and I know that the days ahead will be a testing of all of our faith in God.

I have three sons, one son of my heart that came along when I married his dad, and two that are sons by birth.  They are 21, 13 and 10.  The prayers I pray over them are often alike, and sometimes very specific.  I wish I had known when our oldest son was young what I have learned since my youngest two have been in my life.  Prayers are powerful, and I too often fail them and in my prayers for them.

I'll probably be discussing some elements from a wonderful book called Praying for Boys.

For today, I wanted to share something very powerful that I read.  It is powerful because it speaks directly to my heart as a mother of sons.

God hears your groaning, he knows our pain and our hope that keeps a mama on her knees and wears the carpet out and He is for you.
You are the apple of His eye. His beloved. His thoughts are for you. He will never leave your or forsake you.
When he takes his first steps and you realize for the first time he is growing up...God is for you.
When you have given it your all and his heart does not change...God is for you. 
When you wake up and he is five (or nine or sixteen) and you realize so many moments you've missed and will never get back... God is for you.
When you realize the home life you desperately wanted to provide for him may never happen...God is for you.
When you realize your own sinful choices have affected him... God is for you.
When you're defeated and ready to quit...God is for you.
When you see the desires of his heart and realize they're not always good...God is for you.
When your son gets hurt, or that heartache you always wanted to protect him from happening...God is for you.
When his heart doesn't belong to just you anymore...God is for you.
When the threads of your carpet are worn bare from the praying, hoping and begging God to complete His good work... God is for you.
And His heart for you is good.

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