Saturday, October 19, 2013

I will never be


I will never be enough as a wife.  I will never be enough as a mom.  I will never be enough as a daughter.  I will never be enough as a friend. I will never be enough as a worshiper.  I will never be enough as follower of Jesus.  I will never, ever be enough.

But through Jesus' redemption and grace I can be a wife who loves and serves her husband, in the best and worst of situations.  I can be a mom who loves her children with unconditional love and does all within my power to show them that Jesus will always be "enough".  I can be a daughter who honors her parents, even in their old age, and cares for and loves them as their time on earth begins to fade away.  I can be a friend who shares the burden others carry, the friend who is willing to pray and encourage along the way.  I can be unashamed and bold in my worship, giving the sweetest aroma I have to go before His throne.  I can share the love of the One who loves me, and give all I am to the One who gave all for me.

It is only because of Jesus, that I can be anything at all.  It is His grace who saved me, more than once, taking me out of the pit I dug for myself.  It is His blood, who washed me clean, and gives me a future. 

I may never be "enough", but Jesus is MORE than enough for me.

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