Monday, February 20, 2012

Lets start from the beginning....

Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends. John 15:13

Last year an amazing man and leader from our church became very ill.  He was diagnosed with a rare disease called Wegener's Disease.  He became so ill, his family and the church were told he would not make it.  But our God is bigger, and He showed up!  A year later, he is doing well, looks great, has a huge testimony.... but his kidneys do not function. 

You would never know that this man is sick.  Regardless of how he feels or what is happening at the time, he has a smile on his face, continues his work at church, and ministers to people daily! 

The only thing seemingly wrong, is his kidneys do not work and he is in need of a transplant.

I personally think I attend one of the greatest churches on the planet, LifeChurch Birmingham.  There are so many incredible people there, and we are a family.  I've been blessed so often by those in the church, and I hope that I am somehow a blessing in return.

Unknown to most, another awesome young man went through the process to see if he could be a donor.  Miraculously he was!  Weeks went by, plans began to be made, then little by little the "word" was out.  Amazing man B was getting a kidney from Amazing man M!  Isn't God just amazing!!!

Well, in our morning service yesterday, God's presence was tangible.  We had prayer for both of these men, just moments before they left for the hospital.  Oh what peace and joy and hope was there.  You could just feel it!

Pastor Tim used the scripture from John 15:13 as he spoke about what these men.

I know that for most of us, giving an organ isn't going to be what we are called to do.  And to actually lose our life completely for a friend, probably isn't either.  But, how many of us have the love or grace to actually live this out.  How do we "lay down" our lives:  prayer, taking care of children, preparing meals for sick, teaching someone a skill?  My goal, after witnessing such immeasurable giving.... is to give more of my life. 

God, show me how and when and where and to whom, I can offer my life for the good of another.  Show me how to be someone "life changing" to another.  I know it is only done through You and the anointing of the Holy Spirit.  Thank you for the witness of these amazing men in our church.  Thank you for a church body who constantly gives.  You are the ultimate Giver of all things.  I love You.


  1. Powerful testimony, Sugar! Love your ending prayer and will use it for my own --- show me, Lord. I love You <3

    Blessings on you, Darlin - have a glorious day...

  2. I like this soo much! We serve such an Awesome God!! I'm excited to read more from your blog! :D Have a blessed day! :)